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Your Subjects

mathtestmaker can generate exams for Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and beyond.

Open Source

The code is open source. Request or contribute new features on github!

Easy to Use

Just a few quick clicks of the mouse. No login required.

What is This?

In short, mathtestmaker is a website where teachers come, specify the type of questions they want to test their students on, select an exam layout, and then generate a set of exams, each with unique questions, which test the specified concepts.

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You Work Hard Enough

As it is you're waking up early, staying afterschool for meetings and thinking about tomorrow's class late into the night. Save yourself some trouble with mathtestmaker.

Programatically created custom math exam questions & answer keys based on a few quick clicks.
Computer generated student solution manuals detailing exactly how to solve each and every question.

Guaranteed to Be Correct

No more creating questions on your own and worrying that you might compute an answer incorrectly. Leave the tedium to the machine and devote your time to your other obligations.

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Good For Your Students

The fact that the computer can quickly generate, solve, and explain as many math questions as you want is good for your students.

Every student can have a unique test. There's no way to cheat if everyone has a unique exam!
The computer generates step by step solution manuals so students can thoroughly review their work if they made mistakes.

Do You Want To Program?

The majority of the mathtestmaker code is written in Python and LaTeX. If you want to learn to program with these tools - or if you know already - we'd love the help!

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Pretty As Can Be

Another issue you may have is getting your tests to look nice. That's a worry of the past, since mathtestmaker automatically generates beautiful PDFs through the use of the LaTeX document preparation system.

No more fussing with typing equations in Microsoft Word.
New exam styles are constantly being created so you'll always have fresh looks to choose from.